Tips On Renting A Lamborghini Huracan Spider For Your Next Vacation

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 in Tourism

If you’re an aficionado of fine cars, then you already know that the Lamborghini Huracan Spider is one of the most beautiful on earth. Even the older models are absolutely stunning, they’re timeless and will all be collector’s items soon. If you’ve ever wanted to drive one, well now you can, and you can take it for a tour of London, Bonn, or Paris if you want to as well. Let’s take a look at how it could be done.

You’ll Want To Call Ahead For Reservations When You Know Your Itinerary

There are only so many of these exotic cars made each year and some of them end up locked in garages never to be seen, so make sure you call ahead to the luxury rental car agency where you’re going to land. If you’ve taken care of all of the paperwork they will most likely be able to deliver the car to you either at the airport or pick you up and bring you to their office.

Of course, you’ll have to have a valid driver’s license and for a car such as this, they may check your driving record.

In most cases, you’ll also have to be at least 25 years old, but some rental stores insist on 30 for sports cars.

You’ll also have to have insurance to cover the car, depending on where you are (like in Rome), your regular car insurance might cover you or it might not so call your car insurance agent to double check.

Typically, if you’re vacationing in the US or Canada, your car insurance will still cover you, in Europe or any other place, probably not. Whatever insurance company you choose will have to submit a written policy extension which will be checked before you’re able to drive the car.

Another sticking point to prevent fraud on these valuable cars is that the actual person that is renting the car must be present to accept the keys and show valid ID at that time. It’s not possible to send your next door neighbor, best friend, or babysitter to get the keys and be successful.

There Are Other Rules For Renting A Lamborghini Huracan Spider As Well

These rules generally apply to all rental cars but are especially important when renting an exotic, very expensive, rental sports car. They won’t allow you to exceed the speed limit or enter any kinds of road races or rallies.

They also insist that you drive only on paved streets, never gravel or dirt the entire time you have the car. And you should refrain from driving the car in hazardous conditions such as snow storms, wind storms, and other inclimate weather.

Renting a Lamborghini Huracan Spider for your next vacation or business trip can the the experience of a lifetime. Just make sure that you have taken care of the paperwork far in advance so that when you get to your destination all you have to do is sign the contract, take the keys and go, you’ll be glad you did.…

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Make Sure Your Rental Car Is As Stylish As The Flair Of Rome!

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 in Tourism

We all now that old saying, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans’. It may sound a little cliche, but it actually provides the best advice possible for anyone who plans to make Rome their next travel choice. The people of Rome know how to enjoy life, they love their city and are all about enjoying every inch of it. So during your visit to this place, how can make sure you do this stunning city justice when you hire a luxury vehicle in Rome? By making the most of all of the attractions that are on offer!

Of course, it would be a mission impossible to visit every single attraction in the city, so we’ve come up with a few of the top places we think you should put at the top of your agenda. Let’s start with the ancient ruins at the Roman Forum.

This place is full of atmosphere, why you can almost see the people of ancient Rome waking along the cobblestone streets and going about their daily life. It’s well worth while to have a guide help you to appreciate all of the best spots, as well as provide you will a wealth of extra facts and details.

Of course this leads us on to the Colosseum; no visit to Rome is complete without taking the change to soak in this amazing piece of culture and history. In 80 AD the Colosseum was inaugurated with 10 days of games. Being the biggest amphitheater in the Roman Empire, it’s believed that there was room for 50,000 people inside.

Just a word of warning for this attraction; with over 4 million people streaming here every year, it can be very busy, same as trying to book a convertible rental in Dubai! Unless you don’t mind waiting in line for a very long time, we recommend you to buy your tickets in advance. Rome truly is a city of wonder. Steeped in history, surrounded with culture and teeming with friendly locals, it’s a city that offers an exceptional city break.

While planning your break away, be sure to take time to choose a hotel that will be able to meet all of your needs and requirements during your stay. As well as accommodation you should also give thought to your means of transport while in the city.

Rome offers plenty to see and do, however it does require some traveling between attractions. That’s why we recommend luxury car rental in Rome by booking the cars from Orbitz or from Apex Luxury Car Hire – it is the perfect way to see the perfect city. It’s not just the city center that offers an abundance of possibilities to tourists, but the surrounding area also has much to offer, so enjoying luxury car rental in Rome allows you to go where you want, when you want.

Rome is a city that knows how to be stylish. If you plan to make it your next vacation spot be sure to plan well, dress well and hire a vehicle that knows how to make a great impression!…

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